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I feel a lot more positive. This is completely different to how I felt two hours ago – coaching is powerful stuff! — Heather Anderson, Sun Beams Nursery

About BizFizz

90% of BizFizz start ups are still thriving 4 years later. Double your chances with us.

About BizFizz About BizFizz

Enterprise coach training

Want to learn to help others the BizFizz way? Then train to be an enterprise coach.

Enterprise coach training Enterprise coach training

Success stories

BizFizz has helped create over 769 businesses since 2001.

Success stories Success stories

In any community there are people who want to do things, who have a passion - based on an idea, a skill, a hobby or an interest - that they could turn into a business. All they need is a little help, someone to support them, to break down the barriers to success. This is BizFizz!

The BizFizz approach contributes to lasting change within the local economy, by supporting business initiatives which are driven by people with a passion for them to succeed. It develops social capital through building supportive networks around entrepreneurs and mobilises under-utilised resources. – knowledge, contacts, premises, finance. Read more...